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Arrival in the U.S.

Arrival in the U.S.

If you have any problems outside school hours please call the Academy: Tel: +1 (617) 610-5635


What to expect

When you arrive at your port of entry, you will need to pass through immigration. You wil need to show the immigration team:
• Passport
• I-20
• Evidence of payment for your SEVIS application

The immigration officer may take your fingerprints and ask you questions about your reasons for studying in the US. It is important that you can answer these questions in detail. Make sure you have all of your academic and visa documents in your carryon luggage if you are flying into the US; you will not have access to your luggage until you have cleared immigration. Failure to have the right documents will result in delays or possible denial of entry into the US.



We strongly recommend that you do not bring more than $250 when arriving into the US to avoid immigration complications otherwise you may need to make a declaration at US Customs when entering the country.



If you arranged for a taxi to meet you, you will find the driver at the information booth of your Arrivals area as you leave Customs. The driver holds a board showing the name of the school. Look out for the name or the CATS logo. 


If you cannot see your name

STAY at the information booth, ask them to help you contact your driver. Please have with you the Airport Transfer Confirmation Letter which will have all information you need.