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We understand that our students arrive with differing levels of English, so we ensure that our language support is tailored to every student.

CATS Extra

If you arrive with a low level of English, the CATS Extra Program will provide you with necessary language skills and prepare you for mainstream classes.

Quick facts:

  • Average class size: 12–15 students
  • For those entering Grades 9–10
  • Minimum English level of TOEFL 35/IELTS 3.5
  • You will study all credit-bearing core subjects as with the High School Diploma
  • Continuous assessment of English language progress with personal advisors

See the CATS Extra electives

In this program, you will:

  • Be taught by knowledgeable ESL teachers
  • Improve overall English comprehension
  • Gain confidence
  • Learn and develop subject specific vocabulary
  • Proceed to mainstream classes once completed
  • Receive continued ESL support in English Literature, History, and Science.