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Illustration and Animation
Be an artist, illustrator, designer


Who is this programme for?

For students who want to apply their drawing talents to the art of comic book storytelling. Learn about the many influences comics, and their characters, have had on society. You will gain an understanding of effective visual storytelling techniques as well as best practices for the comic creation process.

Using traditional materials such as pencil and ink, you will create a visual narrative accompanied by a written script.

What will you achieve?

You will:

  • learn the rich history and influence of comics
  • learn what makes good visual storytelling
  • develop artistic skills using a variety of mediums including pencil, pen and ink
  • create your own comic
  • visit art institutions and top U.S. universities.

Quick facts

Age 14-17
Language level requirements TOEFL 40+ or equivalent
Average class size 14
Availability CATS Boston

Timetable highlights

Through this program, you will develop creative writing, composition, and drawing skills while exploring the art of comics. You will learn how to pursue comics as a career and the history that sits behind them, as well as visits to art institutes and top US universities.

Sample lectures

  • A brief introduction to the history and influence of animation and comics
  • An introduction to the vocabulary, genres and techniques most popular today
  • Common characteristics of successful story boards
  • Cartooning as a career and how to break into the business

Sample workshops

  • Developing a story and character(s)
  • Laying out panels and composing pages
  • Collecting and using reference materials
  • Introduction to inking
  • Page Composition
  • Panel Layouts
  • Illustrating the comic page

Sample lessons

  • Introduction to what makes a good story
  • Script writing and character development
  • Figure Drawing
  • How to use various Shots and Angles
  • How to use Panels and Borders effectively

Sample activities

  • Visit to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Trip to ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art)
  • Tour of Boston Harbor
  • Speed friendship game
  • Canobie Park (amusement park)
  • Comicazi, Boston's best comic book shop 
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Speed boat tour 
  • Beach trip
  • Movie night

*Timetables are subject to change. We reserve the right to change these schedules with out prior notice.