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STEM Program
Be innovative

STEM in the US

Who is this programme for?

Explore ideas, experiment with materials, and build your own devices in the CATS Innovation Lab on campus.

At CATS Academy, the city of Boston will be an extension of your classroom. You will meet local artisans, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs to enhance your learning. This program will inspire you to apply your knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

What will you achieve?

You will:

  • learn how science, technology, engineering and mathematics work in the real world
  • build teamwork and project management skills
  • learn how to build and program electronics and apply your knowledge by completing a Wearable Technology project
  • learn how to use open-source technology to develop and practise coding skills.

Quick facts

Age 13+
Language level requirements TOEFL 70 or equivalent
Average class size 15
Availability CATS Boston

Timetable highlights

Get a taste of STEM education in the United States. Enjoy a range of creative projects to solve real-life problems such as Do-It-Yourself Electronics, Wearable Technology, and the study of Projectile Motion.

Sample Workshops

  • Electronics: Learn how to design and create a prototype of a programmable robot
  • Electronics: Learn how to test and evaluate using robots, sensors and programming techniques
  • Combustible rocket: Build your own model rocket for launch
  • Recycled rocket: Design and create a prototype rocket out of reclaimed materials
  • Fashion and Technology: Learn about conductible material and design a piece of wearable technology
  • Fashion and Technology: Turn your designs into reality and make a hat, scarf or gloves with an electronic twist
  • Critical thinking: Work in a group to research a global issue, past topics have included 'the death of the coral reef' or 'how do we save our seas from over fishing'
  • Critical thinking: Develop, present and discuss your research project

Sample Lessons

  • Open-source technology: Learn how to code and program commands
  • Infinites in mathematics: Work through mind-blowing concepts about mathematical paradoxes

Sample Activities

  • Harvard campus tour
  • A trip to the Museum of science
  • Carnobie Lake theme park
  • Tour of the Oceanographic Institute and Marine Biological Laboratory
  • Tour of the Science Aquarium in Boston
  • Tour of the University of Rhode Island

*Timetables are subject to change. We reserve the right to change these schedules with out prior notice.