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Dates and arrival

Important dates to remember...

Do not arrive before
September 4

Please do not arrive at CATS Academy Boston before September 4

Please arrive between
September 4 - September 5

You must arrive at CATS Academy Boston on Sunday September 5 or Monday Sepetember 6 between 9am and 3pm for induction. Go directly to the college for registration and a welcome by staff.

Orientation will start
September 6

Monday September 6 will be the start of your orientation and placement tests.

Where to find us....


CATS Academy
2001 Washington Street
Braintree, MA 02184


School: +1 (857) 400-9700
Emergency (outside of school hours):
+1 (617) 610-5635


Public Transportation

For step-by-step journey planning by public transportation, please refer to the MBTA website, the closest stop is Bus 230, Washington St and Virginia Rd or Washington St and Olympus Speciality Hospital.


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