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Student well-being


When you arrive in Boston, life will be very exciting and upbeat. At times, however, you may miss your friends and family back home. It is perfectly normal to experience homesickness or culture shock when arriving in a new country and it is a good sign that you are engaging in the local culture and a healthy part of adjusting.

To cope with homesickness we recommend:

  • Taking part in activities organised by the Academy to make friends with other students.
  • Staying in touch with home via email or telephone.
  • Bringing photographs or ornaments from home to decorate your room.
  • Most importantly of all, though, it’s really important to talk about how you’re feeling. Your Personal advisor, Dorm Parent or the Welfare team will always be happy to listen and offer advice.
  • Remember, almost everyone feels homesick at some stage but help will always be close at hand.

Counseling and personal support

If you have a personal problem, worries or concerns of any kind (such as relationships, health, depression, anxiety, etc) please speak with any of the Academy staff. We have a school counselor on site and access to a school psychologist who can support you with managing any concerns you may have.

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