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Before you travel

Before you travel 

Before you arrive, email: to tell us what date you will be with us.


Not staying in our dorms? 

You will receive your homestay family contact information before you arrive. You must contact your homestay family in advance to tell them when you expect to arrive to their home so they can arrange to be there and greet you.

Need a taxi from the airport?

Tell us as soon as possible, and at least 48 hours before you arrive. Include your flight details in the email. We will add the cost of this taxi to your next invoice. If you can’t arrive between August 31 - September 1, you must email - before the first day of term.
It is not recommended to arrive outside of the dates and times above. Arriving on another date may require the approval of the Head of School.

Refrigerator Rental Program 

If you would like to reserve a refrigerator for your room, please have your parents read and sign this rental agreement. You must also sign the agreement for the school to reserve a refrigerator for your room.

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