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Your checklist

Passport & Proofs:

• Passport (with visa I-20)
• Proof of your financial support
• Proof of any study fees that you’ve already paid


Supporting documents: 

• Originals (not copies) of documents which were used to support your visa application.
• This pre-arrival handbook with CATS Academy Boston details and phone numbers.


Doctor's letter: 

If you bring any medication into the USA, also carry a letter (translated into English) from your doctor explaining what the medicine is and what it is for.


Consent to travel: 

A letter, completed by your parents or guardians



It advisable to bring warm clothes, for example sweaters, boots, thick socks, and a winter coat. You will also be able to purchase some of these items while in the USA.


Spending money:

Please ensure you have money available for arrival and the first two weeks. We suggest around $250.


A bank draft or cheque for your college fees:

(Or, if you have already paid your fees, please bring evidence, i.e. bank transfer documentation)

Towels and essential toiletries  
A U.S. power adaptor for your electronic items  

Any medication that you are taking:

Medicines prescribed by a doctor and also a copy of prescriptions, preferably with generic names. All prescriptions must be translated in English and reported to the Health Office. Medicines that are not regulated in the U.S. and are not translated to English will not be permitted and confiscated by our Head Nurse.


Laptop or tablet: 

Students can choose their device but should be able to type up essays, carry out research and connect to a printer.


Cell phone:

All students are required to have a U.S. based cell phone. You may bring a U.S. compatible phone with you or purchase one on arrival.


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