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A career in fashion

6 March 2019

Sam Donovan comes to CATS with extensive experience in the fashion industry, after appearing on the famous U.S. TV show, Project Runway, he really knows what it takes to be successful in the fast pace industry that is fashion.



 “The skills that I learned from Project Runway that I bring into my teaching are things like being very conscious of time management. I don't think that a lot of young people really understand how much time goes into every single step of the creative process. When you're learning how to do things it takes a lot of steps to get from that point A of creativity to that point B of finished product.”


“One piece of advice that I always give all of my students is to not decide who they are as a designer before they actually start designing. I think that we come into fashion design with this idea of what we like or who we want to be like, and that really skews and limits what we can do creatively as individuals. The biggest game changers in history weren't following somebody else's model, they were looking for what isn't already out there that I want to see. So I think that it's about being really open minded about what you are capable of and not just trying to fit into a mold that’s already been created.



In addition to Sam joining our arts team, we have also launched a new program designed to prepare students for success in the Arts.

Our Visual and Performing Arts Enrichment program allows students to explore their passion for Art, Design, Music or Theatre, whilst benefiting their overall college application to top colleges in the US.

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