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Artistic CATS Academy students show off their digital masterpieces

Clubs and organizations 29 April 2020

International students from CATS Boston, undeterred by the ongoing global situation, present their latest artistic creations.

Like so much else, this year’s Four Schools Art Show in Braintree was, of course, cancelled. But not before undaunted CATS Boston students completed and submitted their work.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the idea is to bring CATS students closer to the Braintree community through a shared love of art. Students from Braintree High School, Thayer Academy, and Archbishop Williams also submit work, with everyone coming together to exhibit.

This year’s judges were Walter and Louise Simonson, two of the biggest names in comics. Walter is famous for his run on Marvel’s Thor (even having a cameo in the first movie). Louise is best known for her iconic work on The Death of Superman comic, as well as creating one of the X-Men’s most enduring adversaries, Apocalypse.

160 total submissions were narrowed down to 70. While the grand opening may have been postponed for obvious reasons, you can still enjoy some of CATS Boston’s fantastic entries right here.

CATS helps nurture skills for life

Staff at CATS Boston are dedicated to helping young people explore their fullest potential, whether academic or artistic. Initiatives like the Four Schools Art Show are just one way we help create a sense of community and achievement.

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