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CATS Boston CSVPA students showcase their talents at the end of year Capstone Fair

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Now coming to the end of its first year year, the CATS Boston Visual and Performing Arts Enrichment Program has been helping students to develop their creative talents across a wide range of disciplines including music, theatre, fashion, design and arts, (both traditional and digital arts) as well as music technology and theatre production.

Once a month the teachers and students come together to share their work and goals, discuss new ideas creative ideas and themes, share their successes and failures, and support each other through shared skills development and creative thinking. This provides the students with a safe space allowing them to explore their passions and creative ideas in a safe space without the pressure of criticism or failure. At the end of each year, the students have the opportunity to showcase their work and discuss their ideas with the rest of the students and faculty.

Travis Liquori, Performing Arts Director at CSVPA Boston, who worked with many of the students was delighted with their hard work and dedication, stated;

“The inaugural Capstone Fair for CSVPA Boston was a huge success in large part due to the students’ comfortability in speaking to their attending teachers and peers about their inspirations, artistic themes, and creative processes. One of the focuses of our monthly arts academy meetings was building both vocabulary and confidence when talking about one’s art. Students successfully demonstrated their growth in these areas through eloquently speaking about their art that expressed themes of social justice, mental health, and gender roles. This was one of the biggest learning objectives we set for the students at the beginning of the semester, and they achieved it with flying colours.”

Visual Arts student, Maria Mottin from Brazil, took part in this year’s Capstone fair, enjoyed the unique experience of being able to showcase her work and discuss her passions and ideas stated-

“My first year being part of the CSVPA Boston Academy came to be a great opportunity for me, as I got the chance to focus on my artwork and skill development. During the CSVPA Capstone Fair, I felt seen and appreciated by the community around me. Before, many art students didn't have the chance to publicly show their work to the whole school. For me, I enjoyed being surrounded by my friends, sharing my point of view about my work, and listening to others too. The fair gave us the chance to demonstrate our passion, and hopefully inspire more students to participate in the future.”

With the Visual and Performing Arts Enrichment Program coming to the end of its first year, Kent Archer, Head of Visual Arts at CSVPA Boston, shared his thoughts on the programme and the progress of its students.

“This year was the first year of CSVPA Boston and despite the challenging circumstances, the Academy was a great success! The program is designed to give students an advantage when applying to college by providing them with a unique learning opportunity. These art students were granted more studio time, more time with their teacher, and exclusive access to guest artists.  All of the hard work the students put in during the year was showcased at the CSVPA Boston Capstone Fair. Students were excited and eager to share their talents and passions with their peers and teachers. They spoke about their art and performed their art with confidence and pride. Every participant learned valuable lessons, and they have a lot to be proud of. They set a high bar for future students!”

See more of the students work and photos from the Capstone Fair 

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