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DECA Club at CATS Academy Boston

Clubs and organizations 13 November 2017

It has been an exciting year for the DECA club so far, with our members having achieved a great deal over the past two months. We attended a conference at Bentley University and started the Stock Trading Challenge, a competition the whole school is able to enroll in.

Also, students took part in the virtual challenge, where every participant worked individually on a project that was a simulated model of a business company. Students had to run their own simulated corporations on the internet. This helped us to improve our skills in all spheres of business, such as marketing, management and finance.

Additionally, the DECA members like to collaborate in the organization of new fundraising events for the CATS community such as donut and pizza sales. This helps our members to develop a better understanding of business and brought us enormous success.

This is the mission statement the DECA members came up with after being inspired by their advisor, Mr O’Donnell. It's a mission statement that embodies our goals and values as a group.

Every meeting starts with our mission, to have a significant imprint on the school’s community by organizing and participating in competitions and fund-raising sales. These events allow us, and the surrounding community, to challenge ourselves daily, to collaborate with one another, and last but not least – to have fun gaining important knowledge for the future, especially in areas of finance and marketing.

The club is organized into different functional committees including marketing, finance, hospitality and management. These committees encourage students to develop and focus on areas and projects they are interested in.

Our DECA president Minh Tran said, “This year the club will successfully bond the school’s community together by organizing interactive activities and cheering on our spirit by winning awards from regional and hopefully national competitions”.

CATS Academy Boston DECA Club get together weekly to explore new challenges, plan events and prepare for competitions in Massachusetts. DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

DECA is just one of the many extracurricular clubs available at CATS Academy Boston that challenge and develop student’s academic abilities. Some of these opportunities include Youth Cities ‘L3 Innovation Challenge, Scholars Program, national math competitions, Model UN and more.


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