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From rock-climbing to fashion: Students attend Activities Fair

Clubs and organizations 11 September 2018

CATS Academy students got the opportunity to find out about all the activities on offer this year at the annual Activities Fair. Teachers were on hand to talk to students about over 30 activities and clubs including rock-climbing, fashion, basketball, cross-country running and Model United Nations (MUN) Club. A popular choice is MUN, where students typically simulate UN committees and develop skills in research, public speaking, debating, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

David from New York, a returning CATS student is in his senior year, has signed up for three activities: MUN Club, cross country running and Varsity Basketball.

For the clubs and athletics, students are required to commit to daily activities for the semester and on average spend 4-5 hours per week developing skills relating to their chosen extracurriculars.


Athletics and Activities Director, Mr Wilkins commented:

“This is a great opportunity for students to learn about what we have to offer. They can try new things and develop their talents, helping to build their profile for their future academic careers.”

Athletics for the Fall semester

Students meet 4-5 times per week:

  • Soccer (girls’ and boys’ teams)
  • Co-Ed Cross Country
  • Cheerleading

Activities for the Fall semester

Four hours per week, over four days, of chosen activities:

  • Basketball
  • Weight Room
  • Activities in the Fitness Centers
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Rock-climbing
  • Mile Maker (cross-country)
  • Studio Art
  • Theatre (Fall/Winter Play)

Other activities

  • Innovation Lab (3 sessions per week)
  • ESL Tutoring (2 sessions per week)
  • Zumba (2 sessions per week)
  • Band (2 sessions per week)
  • Movie Review (2 sessions per week)
  • Fashion (2 sessions per week)
  • Yoga (1 session per week)
  • Flag Football (1 session per week)
  • Lab (1 session per week)
  • Debate (1 session per week)
  • TOEFL Lessons (1 session per week)

Clubs for 2018/19 include:

  • Newspaper
  • LGBTQ/Diversity Alliance
  • Tech Club
  • Model United Nations
  • Math Club
  • LaunchX (Business Club)
  • Yearbook
  • Community Service
  • Youth Cities 
  • Astronomy


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