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Admissions 30 July 2020

At CATS Academy, we care about giving students the opportunity to study with us and in America. With our 100% Ivy Scholarship, students with superb academic ability can study with us and fulfil their full potential.

Three students, Pearl from Myanmar, Anh from Vietnam, and Duy from Vietnam, have received our 100% Ivy Scholarship to study with us in Boston, Massachusetts. With exceptional academic potential, these students now have the chance to excel in a place that is filled with opportunities.

Pearl, Anh, and Duy will be able to benefit from a wide array of facilities and a cultural environment at CATS Academy Boston. Whether they want to pursue a career in Art or Science, Theater or Engineering, we will provide them with the tools to succeed and receive outstanding university acceptances from top U.S. institutions.

In addition, they will be able to explore an array of extracurricular clubs and activities to support their university applications. See our list of extracurricular clubs. At CATS Academy, we value the importance of students exploring their interests and hobbies outside of their classes and encourage them to join our existing clubs or set up their own.

Recently, we spoke to Pearl, Anh and Duy to get their reactions and thoughts about coming to study with us this September. Watch our video to hear what they had to say:

Do you think you have the potential to receive our 100% Ivy Scholarship? Get in touch to find out.


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