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Harvard Model United Nations Conference 2018

Trips and activities 8 March 2018

Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) is a four-day international relations simulation for high school students held annually in downtown Boston. Participating students assume roles of UN representatives and members of other international bodies and national cabinets.

In the last week of January, six CATS students competed at the Harvard Model United Nations Conference. Over 3000 students attended the four-day conference, representing schools from all over the United States.

The six CATS Academy participants represented the country of Guyana on four committees in the United Nations Economic and Social Council, which were − The UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, the Office on Drugs and Crime, the Human Rights Council and the High Commission for Refugees.

Our students worked tirelessly to represent Guyana’s position and they proposed solutions through debate, negotiation and the drafting of common resolution papers. The conference required intense concentration throughout and our students remained tenacious and focused.

Furthermore, CATS delegates earned Honorable Mention Awards for their instrumental work producing resolutions in both the UN Human Rights Council and the Office on Drugs and Crime. In fact, our delegation in the Office on Drugs and Crime became principal draftees and leaders for the final resolution paper.

Please congratulate the following students for their hard work:

Ross, Caden, Norah, Goodness, Amber and Jenny

Author: Thomas Coon 

Extracurricular opportunities challenge and develop students' academic abilities.
Other opportunities include: Youth Cities ‘L3 Innovation Challenge, DECA Club, The Scholars Program and more.


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