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Motivational speaker Rohan Murphy inspires CATS students and faculty members

Clubs and organizationsTrips and activities 16 June 2021

Motivational speaker Rohan Murphy inspires CATS students and faculty members during an emotional speech as part of a series of events celebrating Black History Month. Rohan is a nationally recognised youth speaker that has spoken in over 40 states. Rohan, who lost his legs at birth, started to wrestle his freshman year of high school. After a successful high school wrestling career, he went on to wrestle at Penn State University. In addition to wrestling, Rohan Murphy is also an accomplished powerlifter, competing in international competitions all over the world representing the USA.


As a child, Rohan grew up surrounded by doctors and physiotherapist telling him all the things he wouldn’t be able to do without legs. However, due to his courage and determination, he would do it anyway, just to prove them wrong. Rohan had two ambitions in life, to find a sport that he could play, and to attend and graduate from a big US college. As determined as ever, he did both.   

In high school (9 grade) Rohan was persuaded to try wrestling. Although it was hard, by the end of the second year he was awarded the most improved player of the year, winning 25 out of 31 matches.  

By the time Rohan was ready to attend College, he had his heart set on Penn State University, which has one of the best wrestling programs in the country. Despite reservations from his teachers and overprotective parents, he enrolled in the following year and eventually graduated from the college as well as an important member of the Penn State university wresting team. 

Rohan stated “If I wanted to be successful in life, I could never use my disability as an excuse. I could never tell someone I couldn’t do something because I don’t have any legs – No excuses! Whatever your ambitions or passions are in life, you all have a choice to be average, good, or great. I hope you choose to be great and get the most out of life. You only have one life, so make it count.”    

Rohan lived his whole life motivating people by his actions, he is now motivating the youth of America by his words. Rohan’s life story is a gripping tale of adversity, dedication, and living life with a purpose. Rohan Murphy has been featured in publications such as ABC news, Sports Illustrated, and many more. He was even featured in his very own Nike commercial to motivate and inspire people to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.


Head of school at CATS Boston, Ben Bonaventura stated 

“I am delighted that Rohan Murphy was able to come to Boston to speak to our students. His motivational talk touched many of us deeply, including some students and faculty members stating it had been a life-changing experience. Rohan is an exceptional athlete and speaker, as well as a shining example of how any life  circumstance can be overcome with motivation and perseverance. Our goal at CATS Academy Boston is to prepare students for future success, including academical excellence, building emotional intelligence and providing them with unique learning experiences to help them succeed in their academic endeavors.”

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