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On parade with graduating CATS Boston students

College Counseling 24 July 2020

Throughout what has been, without doubt, the most challenging year in the history of our community, CATS Academy students have consistently risen to the task.

All their hard work paid off on Saturday 20 June, where 15 students from CATS Academy Boston received their diplomas as part of a graduation parade. With formal ceremonies suspended due to the ongoing pandemic, staff instead welcomed and congratulated domestic students with a car parade, complete with music and balloons.


Noel Radcliffe-Marrs, Director of Administration at CATS Boston, summed the day up beautifully...

“It was the perfect Summer’s day here in Boston for our socially distant graduation parade. The faculty arrived early to decorate CATS’s beautiful entrance to Adam’s Hall and the families transformed their cars into fitting tributes of their children’s achievements.

The cars pulled up to the famous Adam’s steps to receive their well-deserved diplomas. No graduation is complete without a hat and tassel and these, along with the 2020 yearbook, were included in a personalized graduation bag.

Teachers created an incredible atmosphere by flanking the parade route 6ft apart. They clapped and cheered the cars, along with personalized signs wishing our graduates all the very best success.”


Saturday’s event was testament to the indominable spirit of achievement and celebration which is the heart of our education philosophy. But it’s by no means the only scheduled celebration for the class of 2020.

CATS Academy still plans to hold a full on-campus graduation ceremony for all students on Saturday 22 August. Saturday’s event was an additional way to honour our local students, whose dedication has brought about their own great success.

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