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Students share their college interview experiences

College Counseling 22 June 2018

CATS Academy Boston focuses on the individual needs of each student and for our top students this means exposure to world class universities. Three graduates from our class of 2018 tell us what US college interviews are really like for international students.


Nina from Brazil studied at CATS Academy for two years. She originally intended to study at CATS Boston for just one term but enjoyed her experience so much that she decided to stay for her senior year too. In September she will start studying Business and Education at Boston College.

Nina achieved interviews with two of the world’s best universities; Harvard University ranked #2 and Stanford University ranked #5. She shares her interview experience:



Uljad from Albania graduated in 2018 having studied at CATS Academy for one year. He received acceptances to three top 100 US universities, some with major scholarships. In September he will begin studying Engineering at New York University ranked #30 with a major scholarship for boarding and tuition.

About his college counseling experience at CATS, Uljad comments:

“My college counselor helped me make my application stand out – she would check everything I sent her and we would go through it again and again, through all the meticulous questions until I felt it was perfect.” 

Uljad won the CATS Academy Physics Award in 2018 and was instrumental in setting up the Math Lecture Series with his Physics teacher, Dr Namin. The extracurricular lectures, available to all CATS Boston students, are important to develop the skillset that Ivy League schools are looking for. It was Uljad’s academic excellence that helped him to achieve interviews with an impressive list of world class universities, including; Princeton ranked #1, MIT ranked #5, Duke ranked #9, Brown ranked #14, and NYU ranked #30. He shares his interview experience:



Alice from Vietnam graduated in 2018 having studied at CATS Academy for three years. She received acceptances to four top 100 US universities all with major scholarships. In September she will begin studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Washington, St. Louis ranked #18 with a major scholarship guaranteed for four years.

About her future, Alice comments:

“I am thinking about journalism as a major. I might write for a magazine or publication for several years and then I think I will go to law school and pursue a law career.”

In her senior year Alice won a number of awards including the academic award in English, the CATS Innovation award, the Citizenship for Community and Activism award and finally the Griffin Award, signifying loyalty, courage, strength and leadership. She immersed herself in community activities and founded new school traditions such as the Culture Fair - a yearly celebration of diversity that unites the student community through music, art, fashion and dance.

It was this community passion and her academic excellence that helped Alice to achieve interviews with two Ivy League schools; Brown University ranked #16 and Yale University ranked #3. She shares her Ivy school experience:


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