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The Annual Musical - 'Disney's Little Mermaid' goes down a storm...

Clubs and organizations 30 May 2018

One of the most popular CATS Boston traditions is the eagerly anticipated ‘Annual Musical.’ This year the event created waves of approval as the school community pooled their resources to produce a spectacular end-of-year show.

One of our students Helen Fauvel writes up this year’s performance.   

After months of rehearsal, the school’s Theater Director Mr Punches, in collaboration with the whole Creative Arts Department helped students create a magical underwater world. Music teachers, Mrs Segal and Mr Lewan, accompanied the cast with a great, live musical performance and costumes were designed and created by Ms Jacobson and her students on the Fashion Design course. The CATS Innovation course students also contributed by creating the props, including an especially notable shell, which was made with our school’s 3D printer.

The entire student cast and production crew did a professional job in staging this production and it was clear they had dedicated their hearts, souls and hours of time to the show. Ariel was played by the talented Nina who put on an outstanding performance. Prince Eric was played by Thiago, who sang spectacularly and Minh Binh interpreted the villain, Ursula in a very memorable way. Anastasia and Alice as the eels slid and slithered about the stage and Kate as Scuttle the Seagull got some of the biggest laughs of the show.  
Overall, the production was a huge success with the talent of CATS Academy Boston shining at every turn. Congratulations to everyone who helped bring this fantasy world to life on our stage! 

And our Head of School, Mr Christopher Angells also contributed his thoughts on the show: 

“This event was a spectacular success! It's difficult to pick out one aspect that stood out... the band, the singing, the acting, the sets, the costumes, the lighting and so much more were truly incredible. But if I had to choose, I'd say that the quick transitions and the wonderful gestures and coordination between the music and the action impressed me as professional in quality and showed the time and energy that went into preparing for the performance. My congratulations to the cast, to Mr Punches, to Ms Segal, and to everyone who worked so diligently to support the production. The bar has now been set extremely high!" 

Within our Creative Arts Department, we offer an ethos of collaboration and experimentation across traditional and contemporary disciplines. 

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