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Top reasons our students choose to study in the USA

Admissions 21 May 2018

Flexible courses and a varied curriculum

One of the advantages of pursuing your education in America is the broad curriculum and the freedom to choose from many electives. Within the US education system, you will have opportunities to discover new subjects and explore your academic interests in creative ways. Taking new courses can help you explore ideas as well as developing new and current skills.

Kim Barry, our Creative Arts Department Chair says:

“So many of our students come from parts of the world where they haven’t had the opportunity to take electives. When you say you can learn how to draw, how to paint, act, sing or play the piano, it’s so empowering for these students because oftentimes this is the first chance they’ve had to do something new.”

At CATS Academy Boston, our curriculum is varied and each academic department offers a range of challenging and inspiring subjects, which include Advanced Placement courses. AP courses are a prerequisite for most of the highest ranking colleges and universities in the USA. We also offer our signature programs, such as ‘CATS Innovation’, which comprise a diverse range of electives, designed to provide you with hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, technology, social justice and environmental responsibility.

One of our juniors from Russia, Anastasia observes:

“The best thing about CATS is the curriculum. Not only do we have school subjects, we chose electives at the beginning of the year, meaning you can deepen your interests in the field you choose. A US education focusses more on the individual.”

and Uljad, a senior from Albania adds:

“I always had a multidisciplinary approach to my education and I decided that studying in the US, be it a liberal arts school or an engineering polytechnic school I would have a wider approach to education and various disciplines that I wouldn’t see in other, older forms of education."

Finding independence and seeing the world

Having the opportunity to study abroad is a life-changing experience for many young people. One of the main motivations is to learn a new language and hone your language skills. Another important reason is to gain a different perspective by immersing yourself in another culture. One of the most positive observations we hear from students about the benefits of international schooling is the ability to make friends and contacts from around the world. Our students share their thoughts on adjusting to life and study in the USA. 

Snow from China:

“I feel I have grown up and am stronger and more powerful now. I have become more confident and outgoing. In China, we find it hard to express feelings, but here if someone likes you they will tell you. I used to be really shy – but here you can say, “Hello, how are you doing?”  It is a good thing."

Sandrine from Canada:

“I wanted to study in the US because I wanted to broaden my horizons and I knew that CATS was an international school. I think that learning with different types of people is really important and you will have international contacts for business in the future."

Anna from Russia:

“I decided to study in the US in order to explore new possibilities. Living abroad is quite an experience and I think all people should feel it because it does not matter where you live it matters who you are inside. What I have found is, I am a citizen of Russia, but also a citizen of every country I go to – I am a global citizen."  

World-leading universities and colleges

The USA is home to many of the world’s leading universities, in fact at least half of the world's top 10 best universities are American. With over 4,000 colleges and universities nationally there is a wealth of choice and with that comes the freedom to decide what college or university will best fit your higher educational needs.

One of the advantages of choosing CATS Academy is our location. Boston is considered the USA’s international center of higher education, home to Harvard and MIT, as well as playing a primary role in American history, high-culture and fine arts. By studying in Massachusetts you will be surrounded by world-class institutions, which will help you to pinpoint your personal goals and decide upon long-term career ambitions.

Here is what our students say about Boston.

Livia from Albania:

“I chose to study in Boston because it has the best universities in the world. If you go to one of these universities, you are guaranteed to be successful in life.”

Veronica from Ukraine:

“When people ask me, “What is Boston like?” I always say, “It’s like a cultural, safe part of New York”. Boston has everything – downtown you have skyscrapers, then peaceful neighborhoods, beautiful parks. It is a very safe and you are never scared. I am so very happy to be going to Boston University and be studying here."

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