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Valedictorians bid farewell in moving graduation speeches

Admissions 7 June 2018

Alice and Victoria, our exceptional pair of Valedictorians deliver their parting speeches at the 2018 Graduation Ceremony.

This year's valedictory addresses were moving, enlightening and inspirational to all young students. The speech opened with this sentiment "We as CATS Valedictorians are beyond honored and grateful to share with you today, our journeys"

Alice goes on to say,

“We do not consider ourselves more successful just by virtue of having high grades. Our story is simply the story of two teenagers, finding the puzzle pieces that will somehow unlock the future.” 

Watch Alice's speech in full here


Alice won the academic award in English, the CATS Innovation award, the Citizenship for Community and Activism award and finally the Griffin Award, which is the CATS Boston school mascot. The Griffin denotes loyalty, courage, strength and leadership. Each year one Senior is presented with this high honor. 

In Victoria's speech she talks of their mutual journey as being full of "fond memories, but also but also anxieties and fears of what the future might hold", she adds, "It is this uncertainty about myself and the world that has pushed me to learn and explore."

She adds,

“We all start from our first step and learn along the way. Just like Alice If I were to go back to 2014 and tell the little girl she would accomplish these things, she would not believe me at all.” 

Watch Victoria's speech in full here

We are delighted to share in our seniors' joy before they disperse to pursue their future endeavors and wish them the very best of luck!


Victoria won academic awards in Science and History.

Following the journeys of our students to this high point gives the teachers and staff at CATS Academy a huge amount of satisfaction and pride. In the words written by Victoria and Alice, "watching two confused teenagers become two less confused teenagers." is part of the process and it is an immensely rewarding one.  

We are delighted to share in our Seniors' joy before they disperse to pursue their future endeavors and wish them all the very best of luck!

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