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We can provide you with a range of extra opportunities to help you develop emotionally, academically and to enhance your university or college application.

What we offer


Academic clubs

We offer a number of clubs and electives that will challenge and develop your academic abilities. This will give you the opportunity to work with students from other schools in national competitions, taking part in the Model United Nations or entering national competitions as part of the DECA or Math Club.

Student leaders

At CATS Academy Boston you will have the opportunity to be a part of a formal leadership program by contributing to the school in roles such as Prefect, Peer Mentor, Student Ambassador or be a member of Student Government. The experience will help build your university or college application.

The CATS community

‘The CATS community’ is a celebration of our diverse student population. The community maintains a positive school culture, enhancing the student life experience through its clubs, organizations and school activities.

Trips and activities

CATS Boston has an extensive extracurricular and excursion program throughout the year. These activities give you the opportunity to keep up your passions from home, try new things, and never be bored.


CATS Academy Boston, 2001 Washington Street, Braintree, Massachusetts, USA | +1 857 400 9700

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