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Each year we celebrate the arrival of students from countries all over the world who come to experience an American education while improving their English and learning about other cultures. It is our priority is to ensure that they are safe and happy in our school.

The Student Life Team

The team creates and maintains a positive school culture, enhances the student life experience through programming and school activities and ensures that the school is a safe place.

You will be connected with an advisor who will support you throughout your career at CATS and help shape you academically and developmentally. Our community thrives on a mutual respect and understanding between students and staff members in order to create a productive space for students to be academically challenged and successful.

Department of Residential Life

The CATS Academy Department of Residential Life consists of dedicated members living in the four Houses with more than 380 students. They provide a personalized program that enhances your living experience and promotes a sense of “home”. The House Parents care for, guide, and introduce you to the responsibilities of independent living. The Residential Life Curriculum focuses on being successful at CATS Academy, building community, learning about other cultures, developing a global perspective, exploring ethics, and making informed choices. In summary, we strive to help you succeed academically and socially at CATS Academy, and prepare you for life after secondary education.

Duty contact numbers
Emerson: 617-842-1530
Kennedy: 617-842-1740
Gardner: 617-842-1750
Wheatley: 617-842-1791

Administrator On Duty: 617-610-5653 (Emergencies only)

CATS Academy Boston, 2001 Washington Street, Braintree, Massachusetts, USA | +1 857 400 9700

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