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At CATS Academy Boston you will have the opportunity to take part in leadership initiatives unlike any other preparatory school in New England. The focus is to develop your abilities as a leader, such as – learning how to communicate your ideas effectively, improving your organizational skills and increasing your confidence.

You will also have the opportunity to be a part of a formal leadership program by contributing to the school in roles such as:

Student Government

Representing an international student body, student government is the voice of its peers. Collectively, student officials help create recreational and academic events for the purposes of students’ satisfaction and charity. Elections are at the beginning of each academic year and all students are invited to be involved in government duties.

Being part of student government teaches you how to work with others, develop leadership skills, how to take the initiative, learn different political structures and helps build your university or college application.


Student leaders within the CATS Academy residential boarding community are prefects; they are a valuable resource for students and aid in building a strong sense of community on the campus. Prefects serve as role models, demonstrating sensible and responsible lifestyles; and take on this role with great responsibility and accountability.

Peer Mentor

All incoming Grade 9 students have a smooth transition into the CATS Academy community being partnered with a returning student leader. The mentor’s primary goal is to support new students in all facets of life at CATS including academics, student life, boarding life and for many, an adjustment to a new country. Mentors and mentees have scheduled activities throughout the year to facilitate community, relationship-building and trust.

Student Ambassador

Each year CATS Academy Boston selects some of its top students to become ambassadors. Student ambassadors are students who demonstrate leadership abilities, reflect a positive academic attitude and are involved in the school community.

Student ambassadors have many roles, which include:

  • Meeting with visiting parents and students to CATS Academy Boston
  • Serving as a contact for prospective students and their parents
  • Hosting prospective students on visiting days
  • Assisting with Open Houses, schedules permitting

Our Student Ambassadors are chosen by the Head of School, Director of Admissions and on the recommendation of a teacher.

House Council Representatives

House council representatives work on behalf of all boarding students at CATS Academy Boston. They help students improve their grades, life, and friendships by providing an open line of communication between the student body and the school directors.

Peer Tutor

CATS Academy students, together with faculty, provide subject-specific assistance to students who have questions or who are looking for additional learning. Peer tutoring allows students to demonstrate their abilities, grow their confidence and develop their teamworking skills.

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