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CATS Academy Boston has a motivated and educationally curious student body, many of whom have come to experience an American education and prepare for university or college in the US.


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Our academic program meets a diverse range of learning needs, levels, and ambitions. You are encouraged to be actively engaged in your own learning process, set personal goals and reflect on outcomes. We will help you develop your critical thinking skills, foster your creativity and follow the CATS philosophy, which is to ask probing questions, pursue research, and share your findings with your peers.

We provide intensive academic English courses and English as a Second Language (ESL) programming, to ensure your English language skills are at the right level before joining the full academic High School Diploma program.

I have been in CATS for three years and I’m proud of how much I have changed since I arrived. I’ve become more open and confident. The teachers here have always helped me to do the things that I never had the chance to do at home.

Ha Hang Nguyen. Progressed to Boston University