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Join CATS Academy Boston For A Semester Or One Year

This program gives you an insight into American education and complements your studies in your home country. Follow an individualized study program to improve your English language and immerse yourself in American culture.


Course Length:
1 or 2 semesters 

Average Class Size:

Start Dates:
September or January 

Language Requirements:
IELTS 4.0+(or equivalent)


  • Enjoy a range of activities and trips around the US
  • Improve your English language skills
  • Study with friends from over 30 countries
  • Earn study credits in your home country
  • Receive an individualized study programme

High School Diploma Program

While you are at CATS Boston, you will take part in our High School Diploma program. A High School Diploma is a North American academic school qualification awarded upon high school graduation and is an internationally recognized level of educational achievement.

The High School Diploma curriculum has been designed to suit your individual study needs. You will study up to 5 core academic classes and at least 1 elective that you choose.


Students who join us for a semester or a year will live in single or shared dorm rooms in our on-campus boarding houses. Each year we celebrate the arrival of students from countries all over the world who come to experience an American education while improving their English and learning about other cultures. Our residences are safe, secure and all students are well cared for with House Parents available 24 hours a day.

Activities & Excursions

There will be plenty of opportunities for students to explore the city of Boston at the weekends and to take trips around the U.S. These excursions provide the ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the American culture, to have fun, enrich your learning and enjoy new experiences.

CATS Boston also offers a wide and varied choice of extra-curricular activities for students to enjoy after the school day has finished. Athletic Clubs offer the opportunity to play competitively, or just for fun and to stay active. Our Creative Clubs will feed your creativity, while our Academic Clubs will challenge and develop your academic abilities.

Sample Timetable

6:30 - 7:007:45 - 8:308:30 - 9:209:25 - 10:1010:10 - 10:3010:30 - 11:1511:20 - 12:0512:05 - 13:0013:00 - 13:4513:50 - 14:3514:40 - 15:3015:30 - 17:3017:30 - 19:00
MONBreakfastSocial StudiesEnglishMathBreakScienceSocial StudiesLunchFine ArtsModern LanguagesEnglishSports / ExtracurricularDinner
TUEScienceElectiveEnglishMathScienceSocial StudiesFine ArtsElective
WEDMathModern LanguagesElectiveEnglishMathScienceSocial StudiesModern Languages
THUEnglishFine ArtsModern LanguagesElectiveEnglishMathScienceFine Arts
FRIElectiveSocial Studies Fine ArtsModern LanguagesElectiveElectiveElectiveSocial Studies
SATSporting Activities / Community Service / ExcursionsSporting Activities / Community Service / ExcursionsSporting Activities / Community Service / Excursions

*This is a sample timetable and all elements are subject to change.

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