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UAL Diploma in Art & Design Overview

At CATS Boston, you will have the unique opportunity to study the University of the Arts London (UAL) Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design. This 1-year course is fundamental if you want to progress to university or college to study an art or design-based course. Through this program, you will be given the opportunity to explore a wide range of creative disciplines, unlocking a world of opportunity. You will have the freedom to experiment, providing a highly inspirational method of learning that nurtures, educates and encourages you. Students will be guided through the course to learn all the techniques needed to produce a unique, high-quality portfolio to achieve success in art school or with university applications.


Join in Grades:

Course Length:
1 year

Course Length:
1 Year

Must have taken part in the Arts Academy in Grade 11 

Start Dates:


What is the structure of the UAL Diploma in Art & Design?

The University of Arts London (UAL) is one of the world’s leading specialist creative universities and we, at CATS Boston, are proud to be an approved UAL center in the United States. UAL is ranked second in the world for Art and Design courses* with a focus on arts, design, fashion and media.

Accredited by the University of the Arts London Awarding Body, you can take this 1-year Diploma program while you are studying Grade 12 at CATS Academy Boston. The UAL Diploma in Art & Design is designed to prepare you for progressing onto most visual art and design related degrees.

This exciting program is delivered and assessed by instructors trained and following the guidance of UAL’s evaluators. Through the program, you will undertake three units of work which include some collaborative projects, as well as individual projects. The first unit of work is designed to broaden your skills and develop versatility. You will build confidence in discussing and presenting your work to you tutor and to others and document your creative process.

In the second unit of work, you will apply the skills gained in your first term to several projects and live briefs. You will also explore a variety of themes relevant to environmental, social, and political issues as you develop your critical and contextual skills and learn the skills necessary for university or college interviews. 

In the third unit of work, you will consolidate your practice through an agreed proposal and self-directed project. All learning takes place in person in dedicated and equipped specialist studios.

Taking this course prepares you for future study in:

Pattern Cutting
Fashion Product Design
Fashion Styling
Fashion Atelier & Tailoring

Visual Arts
Fine Arts
Fashion Photography
History of Art
Visual Arts
3D Arts

Graphics & Illustration
Publishing & Editorial Design
Book Illustration
Graphic Design
Visual Communication
Comic Book Illustration & Design

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