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Extracurricular Opportunities at CATS Academy Boston

Top universities in the United States look for well-rounded individuals with a passion for their subject and varied social interests. CATS Boston has an extensive extracurricular and excursion program throughout the year. These activities give you the opportunity to keep up your passions from home, try new things and visit new places, while supporting you to develop academically, stretch your creative skills and enhance your university or college application.

Athletic Clubs

Athletics at CATS Boston will help keep you active and healthy while enhancing your leadership and team building skills. CATS Boston has its own onsite gymnasium and fitness centre, which serve as the main facilities for all indoor athletics, including handball, futsal and cheerleading. It also has a brand-new basketball court and a multipurpose field on campus, used for soccer, ultimate frisbee and other athletics events throughout the course of the school year. As associate members of the NEPSAC (New England Private School Athletic Commission), you can compete against other local schools and try a range of different sports.

If you are interested in joining one of the competitive teams at CATS Academy Boston try-outs are available throughout the year.

Academic Clubs

Our Academic clubs will challenge and develop your academic abilities. This will give you the opportunity to work with students from other schools in national competitions, taking part in the Model United Nations or entering national competitions as part of our DECA Business Club or Math Club.

Creative Clubs

If you are more interested in art or music, the creative clubs at CATS Boston will feed your creativity. You can be part of a musical, produce, direct and star in your own production, design and make your own clothes, write articles for the school newspaper, make videos for the student Youtube channel or be part of the Yearbook Club.

Student Leadership

At CATS Academy Boston you will have the opportunity to take part in leadership initiatives. By undertaking a student leadership role, you will develop your abilities as a leader, such as: learning how to communicate your ideas effectively, public speaking, teamwork, improving your organizational stills and increasing your confidence.

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