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You will use Boston as your inspiration to create an image portfolio. You will learn how to use different cameras and settings for the best effect. During the digital photography component, you will learn to manipulate and edit digital images on a computer before printing electronically.

*18 year old students only accepted as part of a group where all students are returning to secondary education in September 2024. 18 year olds must follow all school rules as minors. Separate rules apply regarding lessons and activities, please enquire.

Photography Course Overview

  • Visual Arts_teal


    Comprised of class time in the studio and on-location photography around Boston working towards a final presentation and digital sketchbook.
  • Football_teal


    Enjoy a variety of onsite activities including sports, arts and team games. Our activities allow students to use the English they have learnt and make international friends.
  • College_teal


    Excursions allow students to really get to know the USA. In Boston, students will find historic and cultural information through guided walking tours and visits to museums and other places of interest.
  • Scholarships_teal


    Awarded for the successful completion of the course.

What You Will Learn

On this course you will learn from expert lecturers who are all working professionals and bring valuable industry experience to the program. During the film photography component, you will learn all about taking and developing your own photographs from initial concept to printed image.

Through our Photography Program you will:

  • Gain confidence in using a SLR camera and understand lenses and techniques.
  • Be introduced to studio practice and lighting.
  • Be able to take and digitally develop your own photo book.
  • Develop a basic understanding of Adobe Lightroom.

Activities & Excursions

Students on this course will enjoy one full day excursion per week. Destinations may include Boston, Rhode Island and Canobie Lake Park. Evening activities are varied and fun and may include discos, talent shows and international evenings.

Sample Timetable

08:45 - 12:00
13:00 - 16:00
19:30 - 22:00
SUNArrival at accommodation and induction Movie Night & Gym Night
MONWelcome & Introduction Presentation.
Formal Elements Presentation.
Discussion of objectives for the week.
The exposure triangle.
Understanding the aperture.
Shutter speed.
Photography project and presentation in digital sketchbookWelcome Party: Team Building/ Name Games
TUES Compositional Theory
Photography Field Trip - local area
Photography project to demonstrate understanding of exposure triangle.
Present photographs in digital sketchbook.
Learn how to enhance photographs.
Halloween Party
WED Portrait challenge - emulate famous portrait photographer.
Analyze photographer's work to help emulate it.
Studio photography workshop.
Photo shoot in small groups.
Reflect on digital sketchbook layout. What works? What doesn't?
Jeopardy Quiz Night
THURS Documentary photography.
Explore local area to try capture everyday life.
Return to studio.
Work on documentary in digital sketchbooks.
Karaoke Night
FRIAbstract photography.Finalize digital sketchbook.
Present photos from the week to other students.
Certificate presentation.
Neon Disco Party
SATIncluded Full Day Excursion: Canobie Lake Park (30th June 2024 Program) or Newport, Rhode Island (21st July 2024 Program)Gym Night/ Board Games/ Arts & Crafts

*This is a sample timetable and all elements are subject to change.

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