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The college counseling team at CATS Academy provides individualized attention to help you and your family navigate the American college admissions process. Together we review your profile and your goals to build your prospective colleges list, to help you craft your college essays, and to help you apply to colleges and universities.

What we offer

University admissions officers from across the globe visit our campus throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to learn directly from them about the differences between more than 4,000 colleges in the U.S. system of higher education. We will help you access information on your chosen colleges, keep you and your family apprised of current trends in college admissions, and we will ensure that you complete the necessary steps in the application process to your personal list of colleges.

CATS Academy Boston also offers Test Prep Classes for the ACT, the SAT and the TOEFL. Your counselor provides professional and experienced guidance to you regarding the timing, the frequency, and the requirements for these tests per college admission. We have an open-door policy, and we invite you to come see us often.

If you still have questions, you can speak directly with our Grade 12 ambassadors about their experience of college counseling at CATS Academy Boston: