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At CATS Academy you will receive expert guidance from our college counselors to help you apply to the best colleges and universities. You will be offered college counseling from Grade 9, giving you a head start to the best university for you.

Want to join CATS Academy in Grade 12? We are now offering an enhanced college counseling service to our grade 12 transfer students. Click here to find out more.

Individual attention

Assistance in researching universities / colleges

Advice and support

Advice on planning what classes to take to achieve your goals

Open door policy

Meet with your counselor at any time during the school day

Application guidance

Frequent reviews to check your application progress

What we offer


University admissions officers from across the globe visit our campus throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to learn directly from them about the differences between more than 3,500 colleges in the U.S. system of higher education. We will help you access information on your chosen colleges, keep you and your family apprised of current trends in college admissions, and we will ensure that you complete the necessary steps in the application process to your personal list of colleges.

CATS Academy Boston also offers Test Prep Classes during the academic day. Your counselor provides professional and experienced guidance to you regarding the timing, the frequency, and the requirements for these tests per college admission. 


David from New York, NY, USA | Class of 2019


Your college counseling support includes:






An introduction to the college admissions process

Advice on what you can do to prepare

Help with building a college essay that will showcase your strengths

Assistance with registering for standardized university entrance exams

Assistance with obtaining transcripts from previous schools, if needed

Advice on financial aid options

Arranging meetings with representatives from colleges and universities for you.

Guidance on how to ask for school and teacher recommendations

Support with ‘Common App’ submissions

Finalizing your college lists

Collecting and sending all appropriate documentation, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, profiles needed for application to your chosen colleges


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