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Signature Programs

Our Signature Programs are designed to enrich your learning experience — Both the CATS Innovation Program and the Scholars Program offer opportunities outside the curriculum, enabling you to strengthen your college and university applications while encouraging you to further develop your academic interests and expand upon personal achievements. 

CATS Innovation

Electives in CATS Innovation (CI) provide you with hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, social justice, technology, and environmental responsibility. You will learn the skills and develop the mindset necessary to become a self-starter and a lifelong learner. 

The diverse selection of CI electives is a result of efforts at CATS Academy to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics into the curriculum. You will explore these topics through interdisciplinary projects which will give you insights into areas of collegiate study. 

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Scholars Program

This program offers extra cultural and educational experiences to top students at CATS Academy Boston. Membership in the Scholars Program is limited to 20 students in the school. Students may apply after one semester at CATS Academy Boston, and are selected based on academic excellence, passion for learning, and understanding of the importance of service.

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