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Electives Based On Your Abilities

Every student must study at least one elective in each grade. You can choose from our wide range of options below.

College Prep

These are standard level courses suitable for most students and are needed to obtain your high school diploma. You can expect to get 20–30 minutes of homework each night per elective.


These are aimed at higher ability students. You will study in greater depth and at a faster pace. You can expect to get 30–40 minutes of homework each night per elective. You must qualify to study these courses.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Aimed at exceptional students, Advanced Placement courses are college-level courses that prepare students to take College Board exams which can help establish advanced placement in college courses or credit toward a college degree. On these courses, you can expect to get 60 minutes of homework each night per elective. You must qualify to study these courses.

Electives By Department

Music Technology and Production
Music Theory and Composition
Acting for Film
Acting for Theater
Musical Theater
Visual Arts
Introduction to Drawing
Creating Comics
Introduction to Painting
Graphic Design
Digital Photography
Video Production and Editing
Introduction to Fashion Design
Introduction to Business
International Business
Professional Communications
English Conversation
English Grammar
Academic English
Academic Writing and Research
AP Language and Composition
AP Literature & Composition
Literature 1: Society and the Individual
Literature 2: Journeys
Literature 3: Independence
Literature 4: Critical Lenses
English Skills
Creative Writing
Social Justice Literature
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
Calculus Honors
Statistics Honors
Introduction to Abstract Mathematical Thought Honors
Multivariable Calculus Honors
Geometry Honors
Algebra Honors
Pre-Calculus Honors
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics: Electricity and Magnetism
Biology Honors
Chemistry Honors
Physics Honors
AP Economics
AP United States History
AP Human Geography
AP World History
World History Honors
World History: Global Conflicts Honors
United States History Survey Honors
Legal Concepts Honors
World History
United States History
AP Computer Science
2D/3D Design and Fabrication
Introduction to Programming
The Fundamentals of Electronics

AP French Language and Culture
AP Spanish Literature and Culture
AP Spanish Language and Culture
French Level 1-4
Spanish Level 1-4
French Culture
Spanish Culture

*Please note, course offerings are subject to change and will be offered depending on student interest.

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