The recent Homecoming 2023 dance at Adams Hall in CATS Academy Boston was a huge success! With the theme ‘Barbie’ for the girls (heavily requested following the movie smash hit!) and ‘Suits’ for the boys, our students took costume creativity to a whole new level. 

Throughout Homecoming spirit week, a long-standing tradition where we welcome alumni back to campus and celebrate the unique spirit and culture of our school, we witnessed some thrilling events, including the Homecoming Girls Soccer Game and the Homecoming U18 AHA Hockey Game. But the highlight was undoubtedly the Homecoming Dance, which featured a photobooth for unforgettable snaps, a delightful Chocolate Fountain, scrumptious cookies, and a candy bar to satisfy those sweet cravings. 

The energy in the room was electric, and all our students had an amazing time. It was the perfect way to kick off the new academic year, as we welcomed everyone back with open arms. 

Head of School Kathleen Sheridan said, “Organising events within the social calendar provides students with essential skills such as organisation, leadership skills and teamwork. 

“This is just the start of our very busy Fall term with multiple events coming up – we are so proud of our students who put celebrations like this together”. 

Here’s to the memories made and the spirit of togetherness that filled the dance floor!