CATS Academy Boston recently sent nine student delegates to the prestigious BosMUN XXIII Model United Nations conference. Hosted by Boston University, the event took place at the Marriott Copley Place hotel in downtown Boston with over 2,000 participants from across the United States and around the world taking part.

Representing a diverse range of countries including Cambodia, Brazil, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam, the CATS Academy Boston delegation made a significant impact during the three-day weekend conference. The students actively engaged in various committees, collaborating with peers to address and find solutions to pressing global issues.

The BosMUN conference provided a platform for students to hone transferable skills in critical thinking, research and public speaking. Students also developed their diplomacy and negotiation skills in the context of international relations. Developing tact, perspective taking and an ability to compromise are essential in politics and international relations, but also highly transferable and useful in the business world.  Through experiential learning programs integrated into the Model UN framework, students were immersed in real-world scenarios, enhancing their understanding of international relations and fostering a global perspective.

Topics for delegates to debate and discuss included:

  • Preventing internally displaced persons and protecting Indigenous Peoples
  • Dealing with the ongoing global refugee and global humanitarian mental and physical health crisis
  • Sustainable climate technologies
  • Wildlife and habitat management

CATS Academy Boston’s commitment to providing students with valuable extra-curricular opportunities was evident as the delegation navigated the complexities of international affairs and diplomacy. The diverse backgrounds of the participating students also added some unique perspectives to the discussions. They had the opportunity to hear alternative viewpoints and expand their understanding of complex global issues.

Participation in events like BosMUN XXIII showcases CATS Academy Boston’s dedication to providing a well-rounded education that extends beyond the classroom.