CATS Academy Boston student, Karolina, has been accepted and plans to attend Brown University (Providence, Rhode Island, USA) this fall. We recently interviewed Karolina about this amazing accomplishment: 

What about the experience at CATS Boston do you think has helped you achieve your goal of attending an Ivy League school? 

“I cannot express how much my teachers and college counselors guided me through the application journey, which made me ultimately achieve my final goal of attending an Ivy league university. Not only I’m grateful for the immaculate letters of recommendation, preparation, and knowledge that my teachers bestowed upon me, they were also always there to support me in all the ways that they could. The environment in CATS Academy Boston provided me with an opportunity to excel, which if taken – guarantees results.” 

What has been the best thing about CATS Boston? 

“The best thing about CATS Academy is the interconnection between the academic departments which contributes to the integration of all students. You can try as many things as you like and can always express your talent in multiple events that CATS Academy creates for the students.” 

What will you miss most from CATS Boston?

 ”I will miss the extremely tailored and careful student/teacher relationship. Due to small class sizes, the teachers always made sure that I understood the materials, and thoroughly helped with the topics I struggled with.  The easy going atmosphere throughout the class contributed to enjoyable and effective learning.” 

Who has influenced you most at CATS Boston? 

“Many teachers have influenced me a during my years at CATS Boston; however, Mr. Donovan, Mrs. Carroll, Mr. Adams, and Dr. Bradley were the most prominent figures in building my character. Not only my fashion teacher but as well my advisor, Mr. Donovan discovered love for something that I previously hated – fashion design. He always cares about the students and is willing to help with the tiniest concern that you may have, thus if you are considering attending CATS Boston – take his fashion design class. Mrs. Carroll taught me how significant it is to make small steps in a fight against injustice, yet make sure that these steps are respectful. Mr. Adams gave me a lot of room for thought and self-reflection during his literature classes and ultimately inspired me to apply to Brown University. Without his guidance, my journey would’ve been rockier than it was. Finally, Dr. Bradley ensured that medicine is the right career path for me and prepared me well to overcome all of the possible complications in the field of biology.”  

How do you think your time at CATS Academy Boston will help you in the future? 

“My three years at CATS Boston positively influenced me as a person and generally prepared me for a life alone in a foreign country. As many people move to go to college, CATS Academy provides a useful background of responsibility, teaches how to manage your time properly, and solves any issues.”