CATS Boston Culture Fair Brazil

The Culture Fair is one of the most anticipated annual events that takes place at CATS Academy Boston. A highlight of the year for students and staff alike, the event celebrates the multitude of nationalities that forms the diverse multi-cultural community which makes the school so unique.

With the support of the Catering Team, students were welcomed into the school’s kitchen and given the opportunity to prepare traditional foods from their native countries. These dishes were then shared with their fellow students and members of staff in a celebration of culture and community.

Held in the student lounge, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as students and staff moved around the room, sampling food and drink from around the world. The students had gone above and beyond to decorate their stands with flags and items that symbolize their country. Among others, students from the US, Italy, China, Ukraine, Spain, Mexico and Brazil were representing their countries.

“The Culture Fair is a favorite with our students” explained Kathleen Sheridan, Principle of CATS Boston. “It gives students the opportunity to introduce their culture to their fellow students and celebrate their traditions and heritage through food. It is also a great place to try new foods from around the world and gives the school community a unique, eye-opening experience. It really brings everyone together.”

The Culture Fair is just one of several events held throughout the year for the school community to come together. CATS Boston prides itself on its welcoming and diverse environment, and its drive to provide a well-rounded educational experience both in and out of the classroom. It is through events such as this that allows us to really elevate each students’ school experience.