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When you join CATS Academy Boston you will be assigned a Personal Advisor who will provide you with guidance and support so you can achieve your best.

From day one you will be part of our Advisory Program, which provides you with a faculty advisor. Your advisor will support you in any challenges, activities, concerns or progress you make during your time at CATS Academy. You will meet your advisor each morning for a check-in and delivery of announcements.

Your advisor is a crucial part of your experience at CATS Academy. You can look to your advisor for support and in return, your advisor will assist you with any problems you may have from both an academic and disciplinary perspective. Advisors will work with you to identify goals you want to achieve and the steps you need to take in order to achieve those goals.

Twice each semester, we will send your parents reports from your advisor, in order to provide them with an overall understanding of how you are progressing at CATS Academy.

CATS Academy Boston, 2001 Washington Street, Braintree, Massachusetts, USA | +1 857 400 9700

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