2024 could not have started better for CATS Academy Boston student Yam as he celebrates his acceptance into New York University (NYU). 

Accepting his Fall 2024 place at NYU through Early Decision, academically high-achieving Yam intends to pursue a major in Business. Sitting proudly at 35th in the US college rankings, NYU is home to Stern School of Business, which is one of America’s oldest and most prestigious business schools. Stern is considered the 8th best business school in the US and ranked 19th in the world for business and management courses. 

Unique to the US college system, Early Decision allows strong university applicants the opportunity to secure their top university choice as early as December and January. 

A prominent member of the CATS Boston community, Yam has integrated himself in school life as a Dorm Prefect and as part of the Student Government. He also exceeds as an athlete as a key member of the CATS hockey team. He has pursued his interest in the world of business by completing an internship with technology company Insight in Hong Kong in the Summer of 2023. 

Read Yam’s impressive profile below. 

Name: Yam  

Country: Hong Kong  

Program: High School Diploma: 3.84 GPA 

Destination: New York University (NYU)  

Potential Major: Business

Honors courses: Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Literature 4 Critical Lenses 

Advanced Placement (AP) courses: Calculus AB, Physics CM, United States History, Statistics, Microeconomics 

Yam joined CATS Academy Boston in Grade 10. An academically ambitious student, he has shown an interest in pursuing a major in Business and has gained real world experience through completing an internship with technology company Insight in Hong Kong in the Summer of 2023. 

Outside of the classroom, Yam is a member of the CATS Scholars Program where he has taken advantage of opportunities such as visits to top universities and academically enriching excursions. He is also part of the National Honor Society which acknowledges a student’s ability to demonstrate four key pillars: scholarship, character, leadership and service. 

He is also a prominent member of the CATS Boston community serving as a Dorm Prefect and as part of the Student Government. On the ice, he is a key member of the American Hockey Academy, captain of the Hong Kong U18 National Hockey Team and is a hockey coach for young hockey players in Hong Kong. He also plays the oboe and piano. 

College Counselor, Jeremy Adams, explained “Yam came to me with a clear and realistic idea of what he wanted to accomplish. He was drawn to NYU due to its big-city environment and world-renowned Stern School of Business, and we decided Early Decision was the best strategy since it would increase his chances of getting accepted. He was calm, organized, and motivated throughout the entire process, and I’m very happy for him.”