The CATS Academy Boston campus has recently unveiled new state-of-the-art facilities designed to propel its basketball program to new heights. These enhancements not only aim to foster a better basketball environment but also provide an exceptional scouting platform for colleges seeking top-tier student-athletes.

With a track record of attracting over 50 Division 1 college basketball school scouts in the past, CATS Academy Boston continues to set the bar high. Division 1 programs offer the highest level of competition between the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s three divisions.

The centerpiece of these developments is the basketball court itself. Designed to mirror college-sized courts, this facility offers student-athletes a duplicated environment to what they’ll experience at higher levels of play. The grip of the new floor is also enhanced, meaning students can move around the court better, with less impact on their body.

Alongside the court itself, newly installed bleachers provide comfortable, tiered seating for cheering fans at home games. These new bleachers are also retractable, which means that the court size can be increased for basketball and dance team practices as well as other activities, meaning the court can be used by the whole school community.

Moreover, the introduction of a new weight room is also extremely beneficial for our student-athletes, as well as in attracting high-caliber talent. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machines, this facility is geared towards fostering strength, conditioning, and athletic prowess, attracting and developing top-tier athletes.

One of these top-tier athletes is student Patrick Otey, a Freshman who is already playing at an extremely high level. Patrick plays for the CATS Prep basketball team. Despite his young age, Patrick has already received college offers from Providence College , Xavier University and the University of Washington.

Discussing the new facilities, Patrick said: ”The floor grip on the new court means you can cut better, and has less impact on your knees so is not as hard on your body. Also, there’s a lot more people watching the games now too because there’s even more room.”

Cary Herer, Director of Basketball Operations and Head Coach said “The new facilities give students a professional environment to work in. They have all the things they need to achieve their goals. Everyone who visits the new facilities raves about it all and what it has brought to the school. From the weight room to the new livestreaming cameras, it’s been great.

“With the new cameras, anyone in the world can now watch our games live and also watch them back, including college coaches. It’s yet another avenue for students in terms of an opportunity.”

The new facilities provide a better platform on which students can showcase their talent. The basketball program attracts regular visits from college scouts, including the head coaches from University of Albany, Providence College and Xavier University, attracted by the program’s rigour and success.  In 2023 and 2024 seasons, scouts from the following schools have visited:

*according to National Collegiate Athletic Association – Men’s Basketball net rankings