Patrick Otey is a force to be reckoned with.  An up-and-coming basketball star, 9th grader Patrick plays as the school’s shooting guard. He is a member of CATS Boston’s Basketball Academy, which supports young student-athletes to develop their game with a focus on helping athletes join and play for Division 1 colleges.

With a passion for basketball, Patrick decided to join CATS Boston with the intention of developing his basketball game after he met Coach Cary and Coach Brandon at a basketball event. He was impressed by the high standard of coaching and the opportunities available for student-athletes at CATS Academy Boston.  Of the coaches, Patrick said, “The coaches help us so much and develop you as a player individually. For example, even during a game, if we make a mistake, they will come over and tell us what we’re doing wrong so we can become a better player overall. We play at a high level, and I’m developing really well here.”

With academics, training, and 2-3 workouts per day, the basketball academy can be intense. Patrick said, “It’s hard to balance basketball with academics, but CATS makes it really easy because everything is scheduled. For example, each day we have study hour where for 90 minutes everyone has to sit quietly and focus on things like homework.”

Under-Sixteen Brazil Team

With Brazilian heritage, Patrick was selected to play for the Brazil team in the FIBA Basketball World Cup’s U16 championship 2023. It was a great opportunity to play competitively in a different context and develop his technique further. In 2023, the Brazil team made it to the semi-finals, with a very close loss to Puerto Rico that kept the team from the finals. Patrick was the lead scorer for the team in that game.

Basketball Camp in Brazil

In light of his success, Patrick was encouraged by his mother to launch his own basketball camp for young players in Brazil. Patrick said, “She comes up with these crazy ideas and said I want you to run your own camp in Brazil. You’re the leading scorer, and I want you to teach little kids in Brazil so you can motivate and inspire them.” When he heads back to Brasilia, Patrick hosts local children for free at his camp and encourages them to play basketball in a relaxed setting. At the last camp session, around 50 children were in attendance. Patrick’s inspirational presence even resulted in one attendee applying to the CATS Basketball academy.

A Bright Future Ahead

Cary Herer, Director of Basketball Operations and Head Coach, said, “Patrick is one of the key players on the team, a top scorer. He’s able to create opportunities for himself and for his teammates.  He is being looked at by the best of the best basketball schools in the country.”

In fact, despite his young age, Patrick has already received college offers from Xavier University and Providence College. These offers are scholarships, meaning he would attend for free scholarships due to his immense talent. After college, Patrick has hopes to play in the NBA – the highest level of basketball in the United States.

“It’s amazing the places basketball can bring you and the opportunities you can get through it. Basketball has brought me all over the world… I’ve led my own camp…opened up doors for colleges. It’s amazing how much this little orange ball can bring you!”

Comprehensive Development Program

CATS Academy Boston Basketball program cultivates a rigorous training regimen for its student-athletes. The program entails a demanding schedule aimed at honing both athletic and academic skills. Early morning training sessions four days a week – followed by regular school hours- showcase the dedication of these young athletes towards their sport and studies.

Afternoons are dedicated to training with practice sessions six days a week. There are also strength and conditioning sessions in the weight room three times a week. Some students even dedicate extra time to shooting practice, highlighting their commitment to skill refinement.

However, what sets CATS Academy Boston apart is its unwavering support for student-athletes. The facilities are accessible whenever needed, ensuring athletes have ample supervised access to training resources.

Cary emphasizes, “What we do is not for everyone; it is very demanding. These kids are striving for college scholarships or envision a career in basketball. We’re here to help them achieve those goals, providing exposure while prioritizing education alongside basketball.”

Accessible Support and Mentorship

Beyond facilities and training, CATS Academy Boston offers unwavering support. Cary’s open-door policy encourages students to voice concerns and seek guidance. The program also extends support to physical therapy needs for those who need it, ensuring students’ holistic well-being.

CATS Academy Boston’s basketball program fosters a culture of dedication, discipline, and excellence, setting the stage for young athletes to flourish academically and athletically. With newly upgraded facilities become fully operational, CATS Academy Boston is poised to continue its legacy of producing well-rounded, high-achieving student-athletes.