Senior year of high school holds immense importance for college-bound students, as it marks the beginning of the challenging yet rewarding college application journey. This is especially true for students who transfer to a new school in the United States during their senior year, particularly those eyeing prestigious colleges with impending Fall deadlines. 

CATS Academy Boston understands the unique challenges faced by incoming 12th-grade transfer students and has crafted a solution: our intensive two-week College Coun

seling Preparation Program, designed to kickstart the college application journey just before regular classes commence. 

In the weeks before this new academic year had even begun, the College Counseling Program had already been taking students to multiple prestigious colleges around the US. 

This helps students in many ways, but mainly can show the students, in real time, what life on their dream campus is really like. Within just the past few weeks, the program has been to Harvard, MIT and Fisher College, to name but a few! 

Our College Counseling Preparatory Program ensures students are fully prepared for the upcoming college application season. With the guidance of our experienced CATS College Counseling Team, led by Director of College Counseling Courtney Whalen and College Counselor Jeremy Adams, hundreds of students have successfully pursued their dreams of attending their desired colleges and universities. 

During these two weeks, students dive into the essentials of college applications, taking the first steps in each component. 

Our program covers a huge range of crucial topics, including: 

  • Researching & Creating a College List (Safety, Match, Reach) 
  • Personality, Intelligences, Strength Surveys 
  • Creating Deadlines (ED, EA, Regular, Rolling) 
  • In-Person College Information Sessions & Tours 
  • Common Application Overview & Account Creation 
  • Requesting Teacher Letters of Recommendation (STEM & Humanities) 
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Access to Free Test-Prep Options (Khan Academy, Kaplan, Magoosh) 
  • Introduction to Financial Aid and other resources 


As Director of College Counseling at CATS Academy Boston, Courtney Whalen emphasizes, “College application season is a significant milestone in a high school student’s academic journey, and it’s crucial to be well-prepared. 

The CATS College Counseling Team firmly believes that no student is alone throughout this process; we are here to support our students every step of the way. All student questions, no matter how big or small, are important!”