CATS Boston Scholars attend concert at Memorial Hall

CATS Boston Scholars were recently invited to attend a concert at Memorial Hall, one of Harvard’s most iconic landmarks and home to the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra (HRO).

Comprising over fifty talented Harvard students, the HRO stages four concerts throughout the academic year. The orchestra has a rich history, tracing its roots back to an era when Harvard University was divided between Harvard College for Men and Radcliffe College for Women. Memorial Hall houses Sanders Theatre, a concert venue renowned for its world-class acoustics and Harvard’s dining hall for first-year students residing in the nearby Harvard Yard—the oldest part of the university campus.

This particular concert, entitled “An Evening of Strauss,” featured the exceptional talents of professional Soprano Liv Redpath, a Harvard graduate from the class of 2014. Throughout the evening, our Scholars were treated to a musical experience that not only showcased artistic brilliance but also gave insight into the university’s rich culture and history.

CATS Boston Scholars, who often begin and end their annual trips with HRO concerts, unanimously praised the exceptional quality of music showcased at the events. The dedication and hard work of Harvard students in their extracurriculars is clearly demonstrated through the HRO performances – giving our CATS Boston Scholars an inspirational peek into the highest caliber of academics and extra-curricular studies combined.

What is the Scholars Program?

Since 2014, CATS Academy Boston has run a Scholars Program for its students to take advantage of educational resources in and around Boston. The Scholars trips are popular and rewarding excursions which offer incentives for students to broaden their horizons and meet other students in the process.

In addition to the excitement of these events, students witness first-hand the high standards of extra-curricular activities in American education. Students are able to see for themselves the importance and the benefits of dedication to their extra-curriculars, such as the immense talent of the HRO students.

 The Scholars Program is one of our Signature Programs at CATS Academy Boston. David O’Donnell, a CATS Boston History Teacher and lead of the Scholars Program, said “we are often the only group of high school students at these events.  Even when it comes to Saturday visits to colleges for tours, concerts, or sports games, it is not common for American high schools to attend these as a group.”

CATS Boston Scholars at Harvard Orchestra Concert

Activities & Trips

Key trips in our Scholars’ calendar include regular visits to universities and colleges to gain a deeper understanding of what they can achieve through dedication to their studies and extracurricular activities. With MIT, Harvard and Boston University on our doorstep, attending tours, events and lectures at these world-renowned institutions are a favorite for our students. Scholars are also offered the opportunity to participate in cultural trips to museums, sports games, recitals, and to places of historical interest, as well as exploring the New England area and further afield.

Through these trips, CATS Boston students are also able to experience life outside of campus, immersing themselves in American culture, enjoying new opportunities and embracing the chance to discover new interests.

David said, “Another significant part of the Scholars Program trips is the social aspect. Students can get to know each other, discussing what they saw or learned during the trip.  Since many CATS Boston students come from different countries, the Scholars trips are a real opportunity to build a sense of community and camaraderie.”

Find out more about our exceptional Scholars Program and how it benefits our students.