Sat by 1.9 million students worldwide in 2023, the SAT is a standardized test that measures college readiness in the United States. It is widely used as part of college admissions by leading US colleges and universities. It is internationally recognised and forms an important part of a balanced US college application for many students.  

The SAT assesses students’ readiness for higher education by evaluating their reading, writing, and mathematics abilities. Students receive a composite score, which is calculated from their results in the Math, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections. Scores range from 400 to 1600. 

CATS Boston offers the necessary strong academic foundation across reading and mathematics skills to perform well in the SAT. In addition, students are able to participate in SAT Prep classes if they wish. Guided by the CATS Boston college counselors, students utilize practice tests and preparation guides to prepare for this challenging test. The SAT is just one factor in college applications, alongside GPA, extracurricular activities and personal essays.  

All American colleges and universities value having a holistic view of their applicants, encouraging students to demonstrate their passion and interests beyond SAT scores and other academic grades. Our college counselors advise students on the best balance of personal projects, extracurriculars and high school classes to fully demonstrate their abilities and potential.  

Our students are supported to take part in college summer programs, regional and national competitions and service (voluntary) initiatives as well as participating in school life to enhance their applications.  

At CATS Boston, 56 12th Grade students undertook the test in 2023 with 4 students achieving scores within the top 10% of test takers. A composite SAT score above 1350 is within the top 10% globally. 

Based on the recent College Board statistics, the following CATS students have scored above the US and international average: 

  1. Ken – 1570 
  2. Htoo T – 1540 
  3. Bruno – 1420 
  4. Franklin – 1410 
  5. Tuan – 1320 
  6. Alpha – 1310 
  7. Yam – 1300 
  8. Boom – 1250 
  9. Nancy – 1240 
  10. Ana – 1220 

Following these scores, we caught up with college counsellor Jeremy Adams on how top-performing student Ken achieved his excellent score. 

Jeremy said, “Ken has enrolled in a large number of AP classes during his 1.5 years at the school (US History, Multivariable Calculus, Biology, Statistics, Computer Science, etc.) while also being allowed to self-study for others (Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism). He’s also been a frequent participant in our CSVPA arts programs such as CATS Café and ensemble band, where he plays guitar. 

“All of this has allowed Ken to flourish academically and expand his knowledge base in preparation for standardized tests. Our talented faculty always seeks to bring out the best in CATS students every single day through engaging pedagogy and extracurricular activities.” 

We are extremely proud of all students who undertook their SAT test this year at CATS Boston. We look forward to celebrating their college acceptances and high school graduation as the class of 2024.  

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